Reality Check

Its funny how high school shenanigans follow us into almost all aspects of adulthood. Seeping into our professional lives. Case in point, there still exists the mean girl clique, the popular jocks, the slay queens(and kings), the quiet and shy ones, the ones just happy to be there and so on

The kiss ass has different personalities. Based of course on who is watching. Their lips stay perched in readiness to kiss some ‘relevant’ behind for any shine. Usually someone in a higher office. Mostly for a promotion. Increased wages. A desk closer to the CEO. An extended lunch break. Anything really. Truth of the matter is that this perspective has sometimes actually worked for the subject, regardless of the qualifications.

The office slut will sleep with anybody relevant to their goals for their way to the top. A supervisor. The line Manager. The CEO. Whats another lay with a different client any other day of the week? No biggie. This would also easily qualify as a groupie or a social climber. Problem with this is that word always gets around(as fast as you do), and your reputation will definitely eventually suffer a blow in time. Changing  careers is advised at this point.

The Goody 2 shoes. Always in the office at least 1 hour prior. Talk about being extra punctual. Snitches on late comers and apparent  wrong doers. Has often put in a lot of late nights. Most times just for the provision of food and transport back home. Stays ready to rat out. No loyalty whatsoever. No life either..

Nice people finish last. But they finish with all their honor, self worth and pride intact. Life does not begin and end at your desk.

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