Chasing The Wind

I presently strive to attend Sunday’s mass today. Thank God I made it this time. I don’t always make it due to prior night’s shenanigans(Don’t judge me). The message of the day was enriching to say the least. Moving in faith and trusting in miracles. To say I was feeling it would be more than a mild distortion. I was thoroughly invested…


While we all need  to be mindful and respectful of all existing religions and atheism alike, there is a lot of existing fanaticism and extremism pegged on religion and spirituality. Full out wars, in most cases resulting to martyrdom, have been started in the name of God and beliefs alike. Methinks the debunking of all that should be left to the certified theologians.

I have been brought up in the church. A fact that am forever grateful. But then the 2007-08 post election violence happened. My family had to uproot everything and relocate in search of a safer haven. This sparked a lot of introspection concerning my spirituality. Doubting Thomas reincarnated.

With that came my sense of realization that the church was all hype. Unfounded hysteria for the most part. Parallel to my apprehension, a lot of preachers and church leaders were being exposed as scammers. Between miracle babies, Finger of God Ministries and sodomy among priests being televised, it was a sad case of Too Much Information.  Yeah, I said it. And these are just top of my head. Far as I was concerned, I had quit the church.

I went a couple of years without attending Sunday’s mass. Despite the constant and persistent nagging to the point of vexation, from my mother every opportunity she could get. African parents right. In my retrospective, my Sunday School teaching had gotten me thus far. Plus I was abiding to all the fruits of the Spirit(for the most part). I was more than fine. Besides church people stay in your business! I was good on that.


Eventually I realized I wanted to be back in the church. I had to believe in something greater than myself. I had to step out of myself and realize no human is supposed to have all the answers. Never will. Sometimes I need help. Stop questioning and trying to make sense of every thing. Just halt and appreciate the breath of life, birds chirping, ability to talk and walk, that great spouse. Stay prayed up. Because when I tell you there are bad spirits out here. I am trying to wane off all this witchcraft. Best believe they exist. Don’t be calling on God then. You have been warned


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