Ratchet Commandments

Reality TV is a vice that caught on and is not letting go. Locked tighter than thick thighs. It has infiltrated a great segment into our must-have entertainment consumption. Even when we are pretentiously snuffing our noses at the melodrama and the excessive bitching that is usually the same redundant storyline over and over. Am waning myself off of most of them. That’s what she said; self-regulating. AA meetings anyone?


One of the most notorious of the franchises is Love and Hip Hop. So huge was their breakout that there now exists 4 franchises. With more still in the works. Lord! Mona Scott will be the end of us! Admittedly, I have been a fan from the beginning, just because I was drawn to the music to be showcased. Jim Jones, G-Unit’s Olivia, Fabulous were all relevant names in that time and were all cast. The ratchet held my attention though. However, the drama has  surpassed the music and now its just meh. Forced fabricated story lines and all

In the same breath, I acknowledge the artists who kept at their music in the midst of all the drama. I didn’t know much about K Michelle prior to Love and Hip Hop. Just yet another victim of domestic abuse. She came in with a loud presence and a slicker mouth. Accompanied with her biggest peachy derriere, Betsy. Then I heard her belt out V.S.O.P. and Cant Raise A Man. I was blown away. The vocals on this woman are incredible to say the least. She possesses a low and rich smooth tone and her control is commendable. Plus she went on to release 3 studio albums.(Invoking the legendary Prince; Albums matter!) All of which have topped the RnB charts. You have to cop her most latest work off her forthcoming work in Kimberley – The People I Used To Know. Already has Chris Brown and Yo Gotti on a remix and the release date for the album is still due. Now thats bad..

k mich

K Michelle isn’t the only breakout star of the franchise. Cardi B came and snatched all our edges bald. During her somewhat short stint in the show, she fought tooth and nail to be taken seriously. she still brought that Latina heat to the New York franchise. When she sampled Lady Leshur in Cheap Ass Weave, she owned that flow. To quote her, She came through and she killed it. (U gotta listen to the track). And Bodak Yellow though? Her newly acquired BardiGang hive stan hard for their queen. Most importantly, she broke the legendary Lauryn Hill’s record as the second female rapper to top the Billboard Chart(set more than a decade ago). Top of the world. How can I further elaborate? What her record-breaking moment meant for me,  was that there was not much of statutory female rap going on in the past decade (cough cough Nicki Minaj). Here go the Barbz buzzing. Hehe, I digress…

not feeling you

I surely can not wind this down without mentioning Lyrica Anderson of the Hollywood Franchise. She is a queen in penning and has written for some big artists, including Beyonce. She released her EP and my personal fave off this is Dont Take It Personal. She bodied the track and video visuals. What else would we expect when she is married an A1 producer in Hollywood. (See what I did there). Still waiting on Teaira Mari to get over her demons and bless us with some music. We know she has it in her. Am still bumping to Sponsor and Pum Pum Shorts.

Meanwhile Omarion continues to manifest diva tendencies by refusing us a B2K reunion…smh


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