Bound To The Waves

Times are changing. Fast. Every time you start to get too comfortable, the ground shifts underneath and we have to adjust. Life’s morning alarm to get you off your bum. Hollywood’s expose on sexual scandals every other week has left devastation and awe on its path. This tornado landed and a few more storms were surfaced in the belly of the beast. Lots of bigwig producers and A-list actors have had to suffer consequences of too much entitlement. Getting away for years with tremendous amounts of sexual misconduct. Bill Cosby is the only relieved person in the planet following these exposes.


Victims are reclaiming their voices and speaking out against this tragedy. Freeing themselves from the shackles of pre-conceived notions of guilt(societal judgement) and untruth. Taking the bull by its horns. Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyongo, Gynweth Paltrow are only some of the women that have come forward to share their experiences handling sexual harassment in the workplace. And this is years later post the predicament, mark you. To applaud their brevity is an understatement.

A popular local entertainer is facing equally similar charges of sexual assault. And KOT is already stewing in this brew, ready to speak out(most times just to have a false sense of being heard, read attention). This debatably talented gentleman(just a tad shady), is being accused of demanding sexual favors. Sometimes in exchange for some apparent ‘shine’. He has since come out vehemently to state that he is shocked, flabbergasted even, that any woman out there would ever accuse him of inflicting any amount of hurt.


But he quite conveniently does not remember the happenings of the alleged night.


Trust that all his said com-padres are coming out of the woodwork. Gathering themselves and launching a campaign in support of their beloved. ‘We must condemn the women using rape as a means of economic activity, a come-up’. ‘What did she expect being in his house at that time of the night’ ‘ Just another case of women not being able to handle their liquor’. There was even the genesis of #ResistTheseHoes movement.


While some of us women have proved to have some questionable tendencies, is there such a thing as ‘Point of no Return’? I call BS. Apparently once he invites you into his house, its a wrap. Or once you bra is off, that cookie is automatically out of the oven. Or once it’s past 10 pm/midnight/2am, decision-making skills are (undeniably) sloppy and nobody is liable. For every scenario, there is a comeback. Talk about staying on ready. All symptoms of an unrelenting maniac. If you proceed to decline you are deemed a treachering tease. A wicked Jezebel.

Victims of any abuse, men and women alike, should not be bashed for stating their truths. If anything they should be lauded. There is no such thing as bad publicity but surely what good can come from rape allegations? I will admittedly receive some ‘woke education’ on that front.

We are all aiming at self-actualization(the sane ones atleast). Reclaim your power. Throw caution to the wind and let that shit go. Speak up if therapeutic. May the chips fall where they may. The truth will set you free, but first  it will piss you off. #staywoke

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