What’s Good Sis?

Late night escapades past midnight should not count on Judgement Day.

Why are you calling in the middle of the night? When all the witches come alive

Sis, You don’t want this. Reputation precedes me

It is called the witching hour for a reason

Talking about ‘Free my man you no-good homewrecker’

Tryna be slick with it too. Aint no freedom bih

bey freedom

First of all, that’s our man. Don’t get it twisted.

Real comfy on my couch, dining on the cooch.

Swearing by all the belligerent profanities. To the point of breathlessness though sis?

Barely a full sentence in yet.

‘He loves me!’

What’s that got to do with anything?

He screamed that too in the throes of passion.

Plus what do you know about love?

‘He doesn’t want you’

Well girl he don’t want u neither. Laid up all in my house. No socks neither.

‘You just a busted bitter Betty’

Now that’s a joke. And a low blow. Who u tryna fool?

Far cry from ugly about this Betty

Must not be too busted if I can bust a nut

‘Nothing to say for yourself?’ In my defense, I was multitasking with my hands on him too.

‘Gonna tell on you’. Loud click.

Melodramatic tattle tale much? Bye Felicia

This is the problem with last-born kids. Read immature

Always looking out. This the thanks I get.

It’s just the weekend. Pipe down


You are devilish and stone-cold woman, he smirks.

Excuse me sir, I see the God in me

Bless me, I mean a goddess

Straight speed dial basis with Him above

Jesus Christ on line 1 please

The one without the H, thank you.

What’s good sis?

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