Grown And Groovy

What do I love more than food? And my wine? And that other thing..Definitely my music. Shout out to all the musicians doing their thang out here and all the while making it look sexy and fun. My playlist is surprisingly usually varied. This is partly because my pops used to ALWAYS play his francophone EVERY chance he had because, well, it was his house and we were all just living in it. Growing up, my siblings and I could not stand his music. He was playing(still does) a lot of Zilizopendwa; Rhumba, Lingala and the likes. Then one day, we were all singing along and actually enjoying Defao, Franco, Bana OK, Mbilia Bel. In the same breath, he also had all the good albums Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Patti Labelle, The Supremes. All the greats. Suffice to say, my dad knows how to get down.


While I enjoy a variety, some are closer to my heart. Girl groups were the business. From Diana Ross and The Supremes, Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce and the 100 versions of Destiny Child. Hehe, I digress (a little Sunday shade never hurt no one). I don’t wanna say that the music was better back then…but there is so much noise one has to sift through before getting to the good stuff now. The composition of music is a science of sort. Mix and match of the C, G & F clefs. A rich range of tones actually existing within a musical stave(Google some shit). Translation; the music was better then. I’m sorry, my opinion.

En Vogue were killing the game in the 90’s. In addition to having the deepest tones, they were unapologetically sultry and pure sex on heels. If we can’t sing along to Don’t Let Go, then in the words of Demi Lovato Sorry not Sorry, we can’t hang! I’m not kidding. I loved all versions of Destiny Child. They could all come together and harmonize to the tee. They came out and put on a show that deliverdt! Never mind Michelle’s screw-ups.


We all had our faves in the group. Mine personally was Kelly Rowland. The chocolate on that woman! Did somebody say yummy mummy??

I have to pay credence to 702 as a force to reckon with. Just because Steelo was my jam, still is. Bad Boy helped see to life a number of girl groups. Most notably for me was Total because I can’t remember a time in my yesteryears that I wasn’t bumping to Kissing You. TLC were oh so heavenly with their tones, even when giving us that devilish Red Light Special. The visuals in the video though? Hello Boris Kodjoe with hair!

Xscape came through with their falsettos and soprano tones too. Their breathing control technique still rivals today’s most chart-popping artists. Sidenote; Am so excited they are back together. Beyonce please take time off the kingdom and get ALL the girls together for a reunion special…A girl can dream…sigh

I got to listen to Fifth Harmony’s latest self-titled album recently and I was actually enjoying and jamming to this shit. I have had a love-hate relationship with this group. Gun to your head; Little Mix or Fifth Harmony? Those UK girls are doing their thing and they have a cohesion that I just wasn’t getting from the other girls. Now that Normani is out the group so am I. Sayonara Fifth Harmony. Just when I was getting to feel the music..tsk tsk. Maybe Normani will be the Missy Elliot of Sista? One can hope. (Did you know Missy was part of a girl group before she went solo..Now you know)

missy elliot

Music groups have helped launch the careers of some of the biggest musicians. Back home, most of the chart-topping music can be attributed to groups. Tatu, Kleptomaniax, Necessary Noize, Deux Vultures. Just to name a few. I loooove me some Sanaipei Tande. Girl I will kill for you!!! Am not kidding. Her confidence, her sultry voice, her melanin, Her Swahili, Her music videos, those thighs….you popping ma! She is the greatest female singer in Kenya now, Try debate me damnit! Let me get out my feelings. On a serious note, you have to listen to her sing from the time she was in SEMA (btw Pam used to be my fave, things done changed though). Appreciate her evolution, reigning supreme in the Kenya RnB scene. I cant stop playing Simama Imara and Amina. Amileena, we waiting on you to bless us with those vocals. Where you at girl??


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