Mantra Matters.

During my quarter century worth of life experience, I like to think I have gone through a fair share of life’s tests. By mere fact that am still intact translates that am succeeding out here in these streets. Lucky for me, I have picked up on some mantras to help me continue Aceing at my fabulous life.

  1. Trust your gut. And feed into it. That is your deep consciousness and primitive self reaching out. Sometimes even against our better judgement. Take a step back and re-assess.
  2. Don’t be an alarmist. It is never that serious. Ever. There will always be a bigger battle to be fought. And won
  3. Elevating in life most often means separation from the chaff. Cut out the snakes and chameleons if you want to experience growth. It’s all snakes and ladders. Sad truth
  4. Take a moment and breath it all in. That new job. That mean walk you slay in your red Louboutins. The fact that you woke up today. Soak it in. Be grateful.
  5. There is an existing Girl Code. Only among family and friends. Dispense with the foolishness of the rest of ’em; aka Fuck ’em!
  6. Don’t impose your self righteousness. Get off your high horse before somebody slings stones at you. Unsolicited advice is not anyone’s cup of tea.
  7. Read a book. A newspaper. A novel. Anything. Keep abreast of current happenings around you. Don’t be shallow. Ignorance will never be excused in adulthood.
  8. Take risks. Be adventurous. Get muddy and dirty. Take a vacation. Get that chip out of your ass and live a little. Don’t be afraid to fuck up. We all fucked in the end anyway.
  9. Everybody does not need to know all your business all the damn time. Put your phone down sometimes. I am my own best friend.🎤
  10. Spend time and invest with people that wanna see you win. Don’t blow them off. Pop champagne over barbecue chicken. Bad and boujee style. Get down to some music. Dance in the rain.
  11. Don’t sleep your way to the top. It does not ever end well. Don’t shit where you eat. Don’t sleep with brothers neither. Unless it’s a Devil’s threesome. And a hit & run once only affair.
  12. Own your sexuality and relish in it. Stand naked in front of a mirror. Goof around and love all the things that make you unique
  13. Be unpredictable. Surprise him with some nudes in the middle of the day. Public Service Announcement; Do not send nudes to your Tinder one-off dates with your face on them. Thank me later!
  14. Listen to your elders. They have automatic wisdom that comes with experiencing a lot more living than you. Nobody is out to get you.
  15. Karma is real. Big Brother is always watching. A little dose of healthy paranoia keeps you on your feet and alert.
  16. You gotta believe in something greater than you. So much so that you would bet your life on it. Be purposeful. Do not go through the motion like clock work
  17. Nothing worth anything should be easy. Get up off the couch. Stay on the grind. You are made of harder stuff than you imagine.
  18. Make the money. Do not let the money make you
  19. Live your best version. Once should be enough.

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