Bad Intentions

Casual colorful sunsets, enter the shadows

Madness reincarnated

Tortured and demented,

Desperation and apprehension alike.

Mood just right, Kelly’s Motivation blasting on the stereo

I get it how I live it

Addicted to the rush

The tingle and stimulation

Start the rave inhaling a deep breath

Stay strapped on

Clasp and squeeze and shift to drive

Automatic transmission

Pump it up and rave on it

Steer to the pleasure destination

Let the breeze settle on your sticky sweat.

Wind it down and consequently step on it

The excitement is asphyxiating, the muscle and horsepower

Heart thumping adrenaline rushing

Blinded by the gripping sensation

No air but we still cruising

If we gonna die, this is primely that carnal stroke of death

I can see the land promised to me, that of nectar and honey.

Climax to this harrowing experience

As we get to shifting gears and turning positions

Way too hyped and caught up,

One wrong move…and BAM!

Good God Almighty…..

Now I know his ignorant ass did not just ram through my back door!

Issa wrap my G….

There goes that unprecedented screech to a halt.





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