Sweet Little Lies

What happens when the trust is gone? Who are you supposed to be? Meanwhile the rest of the world assumes your perfection looking through rose-colored glasses. Kat Kanini was always a daddy’s girl. At 11 years of age, she was slowly coming into her own, into adolescence. Being the only child, she enjoyed a lot of love and attention from both mummy and daddy. But there was  something about the daddy-daughter bond that always managed to put that ear to ear smile fixed permanent on her face. You could tell soon as he arrived at the door. Her squeals of laughter when he would scoop her up. Or the stories they would exchange when they were watching comedies. Pure joy was radiating.

Mrs Kanini was never the talkative over the top kind. She always prided herself in being overly rational and sensible. Strict even. The disciplinarian. She was that ‘Dont Bring that Ish over here’ type. Kat had noticed she had gotten even more reclusive since her 11th birthday. She always saved a prayer for her to get better. Because according to Kat, her mother was suffering an ailment. She would usually confide in her neighbor, Mary, who would occasionally babysit when her parents were not available. Mary would, according to Kat, treat her like an adult. Lend a listening ear. Talk to her about boys. Tell her how pretty she looked. Teach her how to cook. They had a good time

All the kids and parents in the neighborhood were excited about Halloween season. They would all get dressed up as their favorite villain and go trick or treating. Mrs Kanini never dressed up. Mary had always volunteered to take Kat out.  On this dark cold night however, Mrs Kanini was gonna take the bull by the horns and participate since her husband had errands to run. Specifically, pick their relatives from their airport in time for thanksgiving. They were due to land by midnight. Kat was in full gear as spiderman. Ready with her basket full of treats. Mrs Kanini fetched her fur coat and got ready to leave.

‘Who are you supposed to be ma?’ Kat inquired of her mother, curiously with creased brows.

‘Cruella the evil witch. Now hurry and lets kick this off’ Mrs Kanini waved her wand and Kat knew to keep it pushing. Ain’t no arguing with a witch on a night with the full moon out.


The neighborhood was so alive. So many kids running around while trashing everywhere. Loud thundering music in the air. And Mrs Kanini would have sworn she smelt some maryjane in the air. It was 10 pm and she was done with the night. She was ready to get back to the comfort and warmth of her house.

‘Can we please just do one more stopover? I wanna leave some treats with Mary’s mum so she can enjoy Halloween too. ‘This is the last stop Kat’. she said as she rolled her eyes. Kat ran up ahead the verandah and burst through the door. There is something about getting your dad on top of your 17 year old best friend. Being real low-down dirty. Just nasty. No little girl should have to experience that. Her whole world went still and blank. She could hear voices in the background. Was the ground shaking? She blinked and saw a lamp flying across the room. Her mother had followed the lamp and now had her hands transfixed on Mary’s neck. Her dad was trying to zip his pants while saying something frantically to Kat. She couldn’t make head or tail exactly what he was going on about.

Then there was a deafening shot in the air and her mom was lying in a pool of blood. Kat turned and saw Mary’s mum in the staircase. Her stance was aloof and evil. Kat pushed her dad aside and leapt to her mother’s side. Blood was gushing profusely from her chest area. Before she could make sense of anything through her tears, Mary’s mother was aiming her rifle at her dad. At this point, she was screaming her lungs out. Meanwhile Mary’s mum was screaming at him, ‘You fucker! You raping your own daughter now?!’

This is not happening!! That was her last thought before Kat dropped to the floor with a thud and passed out.





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