It’s Not Right. But It’s Okay

I saw a typical man post on my Facebook timeline today. Allow me to elaborate. ‘Cheating used to be fun and then women started taking part and ruined everything’ Contentious right? Welcome to 2017, serving you a new reformed constitution. Mobile Banking. Androgyny is not just restricted to botany. Baby mamas have rights and feelings too. And more women are wearing pants. Pant suits are back in baby! While all this is going down (in the DM), dealing with the shambolic nature that may be our existence sometimes, most men are crying emasculation. Why, you ask? Women are doing too much, being too powerful, not submissive enough all the while slaying too much in their customized pant suits. It’s a crisis! Where’s the Crisis Management Centre?

First off, how do you define cheating? Where do you draw the line? Dinner date? Brunch date? What about that hang-out after church? Is texting okay? Harmless flirtation? Or are you one of those who feel as long as there is no head on collision of the honey and the bees (Self-censorship; Am so proud of myself. Milestones!). You ever heard a man excuse cheating as an accidental bump on the road? ‘It will never happen again sweety. I was just reaching out that one time’? Like I will punch you by accident on purpose nicca!

Is it possible to have a long-lasting relationship without enjoying the occasional flirting around? Some people may even encourage you to flirt outside if you want to keep the fires burning in your relationship. 2017 y’all. Men wont take nor stand for their women cheating. His boys will collectively chip in and tell him to dump her. ‘That’s a loose woman’. ‘Let her go’. ‘Not good for you’. Women are supposed to forgive quickly and move on. ‘Stop being hysterical woman’.

Sexual satisfaction applies to both genders. Is it too much to ask that a man cannot cheat if his woman has faked more than 3 orgasms for him? If anything, he needs to be kissing the ground she struts in. With the enlightenment that comes with being in 2017, very few women are willing to fake it. We want the real deal. Give it to me or get out of my way.

If he is hitting that part of the punani that your man cant reach its not cheating. He cant claim it if he has never been there before. Just call him Christopher Columbus….





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