Cuffing Season. Issa Vibe

Now we all know men have branded women as crazy. Hysterical. Melodramatic. This is usually the go-to when they cant think of a good enough comeback. Sometimes, they are onto something. The extra rib we got from Adam is responsible for that explosive tick we sometimes have. And when that tick tocks, all bets are offharleyquin

But who doesnt love the crazy unpredictable ones? You never know if you are on the receiving end of a stinging slap or bear-tight hug. These women are feisty. They love hard and screw even harder.

That’s what it all boils down to though, right? Who wants a star fish in bed? Just lying there barely whispering some fake niceties. Who wants to be told nice things when you wanna get down dirty and sweaty? This is not why I waxed myself and put on this  matching underwear set. Get it together buddy.


There was a guy, read special friend, who used to give me the occasional pipe-down. He was good. I was better (toot! toot!). But imagine my utter shock when I got wind that he was going around claiming I was the best he ever had. This is after our season had come to a close and I done moved on. Nicca! I thought we had this conversation ‘It was good while it lasted..blah blah blah’ Now I keep getting random calls from as far as Kisumu asking for my tricks and treats. Issa talent my Gs. If I tell you umma have to kill you


Enough with the dick pics already. Am good on them, thanks. I can’t. Digehota. A girl has moved on to her next saucier chapter. Great pics but go on ahead with your blessed self and bless another. Blessed are the generous..

xoxo… #issavibe

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