Santa’s Bandit

On Christmas Eve, Rudolph her husband pulls in late to wake her up with a wrapped christmas gift and a forehead kiss goodnight. Per usual

Unbeknown to him, she is awake. Thoughts scrambling in her head. A tear falls onto her pillow as she swallows a silent cry. She eventually turns her head to catch his attention. Already in deep slumber. He doesn’t notice another swallowed quiet sob

In the dark of night, her dreams betray her. Muffled thoughts and sentiments come to life. A man on a sleigh supported by wild reindeers in the shadows chases her, haunts her. A dangerous man. Despite herself she wants to be caught. Yearns to be put down. All feelings of guilt are buried deep down in dark crevices during these tormented moments. She was still fighting it, that irresistible pull over to the dark side when she met a dead end.

The man approached, showing himself, sauntering from his mystical sleigh and towering over her. In truth, just showing out. She hated that she could feel him before she set her eyes on him. And when she did, her legs almost gave way.

His eyes were so mesmerizing. He can tell she was unsettled and nervous. Her eyes keep darting all over him. Zeroing in on his print through his pitch black sweatpants. You could hear the speeded up thud of her heart. Damn he was growing right in front of her eyes! He was the definition of chocolate goodness. She felt like she was drowning in his presence. Too much man! Could he tell that her core had gotten perky in  her silk robe? By his roving eyes, she could tell he knew. He lifted his hand and caressed her cheek. All the while pulling her in for what she knew would be a heart-warming kiss.

She was wrong. His kiss was heart-stopping. She felt electricity course through her. If he was not holding her in so tight, she thought she would have melted to the ground. All rational thinking was banished from her head when his rough hands started fondling and caressing her all over. He was growling. Loud. So animalistic, matching his maddened reindeers hovering close.

What was happening? And why wasn’t she putting a stop to it? All second thoughts had fled out. He dropped his head to reach her tightly wound buds. And he started licking, sucking the life out of her already limp body. She could feel it coming…

With his head still fixed on her ample bosom, his hands travelled down south to seek that nectar. He could definitely smell her juices. She was ready. She did not realize what he was doing as she was too caught up trying to reach down to cup him. He must have been using so much restraint not to have lifted and just taken her while standing.

She jerked when she felt his finger playing with her essence. He was now whispering the filthiest and nastiest things to her. Her legs were shaking and she was holding back a scream. He withdrew his finger only long enough to moisten it some more with his tongue. Then he replaced his finger with her mouth. His kisses were addictive. She could get used to this. Eyes rolled back, arms reaching, body writhing and lips moaning, she felt him insert a second finger accompanying his tongue. Trigger. She felt akin to a dam bursting and she let out a whooping scream…

She woke up drenched in sweat. She could hear her husband running his shower. It was already Christmas morning. Back to reality…

If only he ate her out…

Fellas, change the game. Treat her right. Eat her out! All the way out. Don’t hush me goddammit!

Signed, Captain Save-A-Cooch.






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