Do You Like You?

I don’t know anything anymore. I am not the answer lady. Am just like everybody else. Average. Regular. Typical, You ever felt so lost, constantly in chaos? And no am not talking the current state of politics, that’s a different layer altogether. Neither am I referring to those who thrive in chaos. A turmoil raging within you just waiting for the slightest trigger to let loose. Why am I so angry? So cold? Is it me? Or is it them? Everyone perhaps?

Then through my mama, I had an epiphany. Don’t expect no one to fight your battles. No one will get you out of the island. Build your boat to safety. Fight for your inner strength mentally and emotionally. Battle it out mama. You got this. Long and short of it, her discourse even though got abusive, gave me the breath of life that I so desperately needed.6 billion people in the world with their own troubles to deal with. Nobody gives 2 flying shits about what you got going on. I gotta fix me first, fix what’s broken within. Get as much positive vibes, force it if you have to

I want to apologize to the people I have been in contact with over the past 2 months. I have been in a funk to say it best. So nasty and too rude. A constant state of limbo. Am I doing this right? Do I look okay? Should I say that? Do I eat this? Should I wear this with all this cellulite? Are my breasts too big in this vest? A constant state of unrest all around. And to what end? Am clearly in this on my own. Everybody else is just spectating

Part of my funk can be attributed to dealing with the givers of UNSOLICITED ADVICE. Like, who asked you mama?? UNICEF?  I will get babies when God provides. Imagine being Abraham’s wife in 2017, getting pregnant at 90. I will not have my 34 Gs reduced! Am still keeping my tattoos, thanks. My super short shorts too. I will eat when and what I want. I will drink my cocktails Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch (after church mimosas are heavenly).  Will wear my hair how I want to. I am done taking cow dung from people who do not even know my full names (which are 4 btw). The question isn’t who is going to let me, it is now who is going to stop me. Watch out world

Any-who, am still gonna save a prayer for all ye ‘advicers’. After all it’s only hurt people who hurt people. Only beings we need to be hurting is these demons out here

I did not wake up like this but goddammit am flawless! #insecure

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