Mercy in Manchester

Part 1: The Rebirth The origin of my name, according to my beloved parents is quite the story. Not because it is a tale that is so out of the ordinary. It is not the makings of what a typical apocalyptic J Cole rap lyric would be made of; ‘On the night I was born,... Continue Reading →

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Mercy in Manchester

Part 2; The Madness Forgive me Father for I know not what I do. At least once a day lately. You hear about growing pains. And they are so idyllic and romanticized. Deservedly so because change is supposed to be good. Great infact. A sign from the sun that your light will not be snuffed... Continue Reading →

Secret Whispers

How lonely, and a fallacy, Trying to protect a soft breakable heart Fencing around it The hardness of nonchalance and indifference Camouflaging vulnerability In cloaks of sass and savagery Scared to lose pieces of you While darkening your soul

Rationale In Portions


Andrew Shaka, Dru to his circle of friends, swirled the Merlot in his glass for what seemed like the umpteenth time as he laid back on his seat and tried to focus on the thoroughly spirited conversation at hand on his table. Usually he was a natural at these charitable social events. So much so that he had been labelled the charming sweet-talker. It really was a gift.

BookSmart, a charity whose Dru’s company Shaka Enterprises was a major benefactor, was holding its annual black-tie dinner – a fund raiser that dripped opulence to raise adult literacy awareness – in the ballroom of Westland’s Jacaranda Hotel. The chandeliered ballroom was decorated in magnificent drapery and LED lights finishing off a splendid and intimate overall look.

On this particular day however his wit for all intents and purposes, had totally abandoned him. His tongue felt heavy and for all the buzz…

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You became my tower Most charming and mighty When you faced my tears And tried to glue me back together After tearing me apart

The Rhythm

The day breaks and wisps of magic fill the air its in the hues of green forming an envious intimate canopy over the curvy unending road its the tall trees reaching in the horizon to kiss the fluffy whites perched against the romantic blues a love affair punctuated only by the soulful murmurs of meandering... Continue Reading →


I know love because I know her I know beauty because she is a thing of magic to be marveled at an allegory of benediction whose being lights up and cuddles all her babies with scents of honey and milk when you look into her twinkling eyes you will find me there trapped gleefully in... Continue Reading →

Nairobi unhinged

For such the utilitarian, Nairobi thought about death more frequent than your average twenty-eight-year-old. She fantasized about it more than politicians dream of crashing funerals. Thoughts of the finality that is death bombarded her and hid behind her ever so sunny smiles and her famed loudly obnoxious laughter. Each time she pictured it, it was... Continue Reading →

This is what victory means

This is what victory meansA masochist turning over a new leafKnowing they deserve better, learning new tricksburying the charred remains of pain and hurtAnd falling in lovewith a sadist This is what victory meansThe ingenuity of white women be praisedLooking for loveWhile shucking and jivingTo string them seeking freedom along,Whose skin speaks of night and... Continue Reading →

The Wake

I woke up with a start The air was different The hairs in my nose tingled A persistent buzz hung low, closing in on my drenched face Tousled, I turned And there you were So tranquil in deep slumber Time stopped while I just gazed at your form I envied that peace you commanded So... Continue Reading →

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