When she was here

When she was here We planned each tomorrow With her in mind For we saw no partying apart Looming beyond the horizon When he was here We joked and laughed together And no fleeting shadow of a ghost Ever crossed our paths Each day we lived On this side of the mist Our fists in... Continue Reading →

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The Floating Ballerina

It feels like you have been in a constant state of dreams and illusions. The lines in the sand have gotten blurry. You can’t tell what’s real or where figments of your imagination creep in. Your face is constantly filled with creased lines. The bags under your eyes tell of a restlessness. The days are... Continue Reading →

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Nairobi unhinged

For such the utilitarian, Nairobi thought about death more frequent than your average twenty eight year old. She fantasized about it more than politicians dream of crashing funerals. Thoughts of the finality that is death bombarded her and hid behind her ever so sunny smiles and her famed loudly obnoxious laughter. Each time she pictured... Continue Reading →

This is what victory means

This is what victory meansA masochist turning over a new leafKnowing they deserve better, learning new tricksburying the charred remains of pain and hurtAnd falling in lovewith a sadist This is what victory meansThe ingenuity of white women be praisedLooking for loveWhile shucking and jivingTo string them seeking freedom along,Whose skin speaks of night and... Continue Reading →

The Wake

I woke up with a start The air was different The hairs in my nose tingled A persistent buzz hung low, closing in on my drenched face Tousled, I turned And there you were So tranquil in deep slumber Time stopped while I just gazed at your form I envied that peace you commanded So... Continue Reading →

See, the thing is..

I remember growing up and admiring the kind of relationships my mother fostered. Being the bubbly matriarch she is, she kept an array of girlfriends that included everybody, from the old and married preacher couples to the divorced with children to the single and vehemently searching women. I say vehemently because these ones were permanently... Continue Reading →

The Fall

The enigmatic beauty of falling in love is that the headfirst fall is never gracious instead it's a powerful reckoning that has fools rushing in to defy gravity such is this heady sensation that uncorks imagination and bids adieu to rational machinations yearning only to get lost in eyes, brown-black beans floating in milk windowing... Continue Reading →

The Quest

When man lost his rib he lost his mind too feeling stripped of his dominance he set out to regain some might back in his quest to find his mind and put his marbles back in check he travelled to the nape of her neck lingered albeit at the dip doused in the chocolate, defined... Continue Reading →

A discovery of selves

She has hidden rooms within her Each covered in a mystical aura In one room a different voice The poet and loud lover, brash and rash Singing herself hoarse Dancing to the rhythm of her boisterous laugh In another room a voice in a native tongue Slightly subdued in her royal regalia Is the gatekeeper... Continue Reading →

Delusions of Dirty Macking

  The beauty with being a first born is that you get to be a self appointed virtuous pioneer, with the entitlement to match, much like the white colonisers' Christopher Columbus. You get to pin most of life's learnings from your experiences moreso the grave mistakes. There aren't any older siblings to banter with and... Continue Reading →

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