Vaguely Important Person

another day the sun is out another vague church harambee looms in the open not without your favorite politician, never that His beady eyes dancing over his shiny forehead oversized teeth gleaming a sharp contrast to his black as sin skin seated at the helm of the stand, this vaguely important person patiently awaits the... Continue Reading →


Dead Men

Dead men walk amongst us walk with the living Dead men are not friends with living men in paper soft whispers they condescend and rebuke us whose wits seem halfway about us, with no provocation they offer them no gifts yet they demand libation wired, we are meant to believe short of wiping their phantom... Continue Reading →

How many ways?

How many ways can you count leaping over a bridge a thousand times you chant and pout lie and lay over every time another peaceful piece burnt etched into nothingness a deep blackness void of hum and rum  

Rain on me

Rain on me Pounding pellets Fast and furious Rain on me Whet my palate A starving nation Undignified by the stroking heat A begging nation Whose souls vibrance dims Beckoning, hearkening To a soulless pit that swallows souls eternally Sure as dust blows on my bony ashes The flag at half mast flows On the... Continue Reading →

Solange When I get Home Album Review

February 2019 went down rough as far as Black History month is concerned with certain somebodies acting a fool the entire time (naming them is giving the power). Leave it to Solange Luther King Knowles to swoop in and be captain save-a-people When I Get Home¬†nicely bridges the gap between Black History Month and the... Continue Reading →

Preying Pastors

Slowly he rowed this man of the cloth cloaked in his sackcloth led by said sanctified spirits to a place of waters ordained by him, the back of beyond a safe place; these hallowed waters of acclaimed River Jordan confessed and prayed to the lord fervently he did and absolved himself he surely did thank... Continue Reading →

Heads Will Roll

How did I end up here? she mused Life indeed had proved itself the head rolling rollercoaster, the endgame of all rides. Her soiled hands were trembling so much that she was fearing she had lost grip of her sanity. She kept on fumbling with her glaringly empty ring finger in trepidation even as she... Continue Reading →

Loaded Gun

I killed him aimed a gun to his head and cocked it fingers steady on the trigger all he did was stand there, so still eyes aloof as if in a crazed dementia ready to take it like a man he wanted to be set free I'm already dead anyway, he said you wrecked me... Continue Reading →

Agency Girls

Working in an advertising agency is an experience that I was never really prepared for. Neither did I ever know nor picture myself being a part of that world. My naivet√© and I were anything but ready for the whirlwind of experience that would mark the commencement of my professional life at twenty two years... Continue Reading →

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